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Constructing a high-quality soccer field requires attention to detail at every step of the process. Our soccer field construction journey begins with a comprehensive site survey. We evaluate the land's characteristics, including soil quality, drainage requirements, and natural layout.

We understand that a well-constructed soccer field is essential for athlete performance and enjoyment. With our cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence, we're your trusted partner in creating soccer fields that players and fans can be proud of.

From the initial site survey of your soccer field all the way through excavation and base material application, footings, and maintenance, our experts at Precision Equestrian Arenas and Sports Fields have knowledge and experience specific to the Southeast, USA.

Excavation and sub base

Following the site survey, excavation commences. We build a robust sub-base using natural materials and consider the grade, providing a stable foundation for the field.

Base material application

The next step involves the application of base materials. Depending on your preferences and project specifications, we use either stone dust or clean stone, laying the foundation for a durable and long-lasting playing surface.

Footing materials: Sand mix and grass

Just like our football fields and polo fields, we use a sand mix and grass, known for its resiliency and player safety, plus provides an even playing surface with excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries during soccer matches. Grass fields offer a classic soccer experience, with a tight playing surface that feels comfortable for runners.

A soccer net with shot in bright sunlight with trees in the background.

Don’t forget to ask us about irrigation

To maintain optimal moisture levels and the overall health of the soccer field, we provide comprehensive irrigation solutions. Our efficient irrigation systems are designed to keep the playing surface in prime condition, ensuring consistent quality throughout the season.

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