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Our process is similar to other playing fields

Our construction is tailored to meet the exacting standards of equestrian enthusiasts. While we are best known for premium equestrian arena installation, our expertise carries over to our polo field construction. This is a niche market and those who love the game of polo understand the playing field is more than a field. 

Our process, much like that of other playing fields like football, soccer, and baseball fields, begins with a comprehensive site survey. This survey allows us to gain a deep understanding of your land's distinctive features, such as soil quality, drainage requirements, layout, and any potential obstacles like rocks. No worries, we have equipment with laser technology to cut right through rocks. 

We then move to excavation and sub-base construction, employing natural materials. This meticulous process ensures we achieve the correct grade, establishing a sturdy foundation for your field.

The subsequent step involves the precise application of base materials, offering choices like stone dust or clean stone. These materials serve as the foundation for a resilient playing surface, crucial for top-tier polo fields and horse arenas.

Footing materials: Sand mix and grass

Regarding footing materials, we use two primary materials. Sand mix footing provides stability and impact absorption, ideal for safe and secure horse movement during polo matches. Alternatively, natural grass fields offer a traditional feel, cushioned for horse safety and performance, with our expertise ensuring a durable and enduring field.

Comprehensive irrigation solutions

Finally, our irrigation solutions will maintain optimal moisture levels and field health, ensuring your polo field remains in pristine condition throughout the seasons.

Polo match on field

Choosing us means you’re getting a trusted partner for your prized horses

We not only excel in polo field construction and horse arena construction but also place the safety and well-being of your prized horses at the forefront.

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