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Precision from the ground up

When it comes to football field construction, careful planning is needed to create a world-class playing surface. At Precision Equestrian Arenas and Sports Fields, we are dedicated to the art of crafting football fields that not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing athletes with an optimal environment for peak performance.

Apart from the choice of footing materials, the construction processes for baseball fields, soccer fields, polo fields, and equestrian arenas share very similar processes.

Our football field construction process begins with meticulous site evaluation and preparation. We survey the land to assess factors like soil composition, drainage needs, and layout. This initial step ensures that we design and build a field that can withstand the rigorous demands of football while providing a safe and high-performance environment.

Effective drainage solutions

Every site presents its unique challenges like large rocks, hilly terrain, or soggy soil conditions; and crafting the right design for your specific location is crucial. Ensuring proper grading and drainage solutions for your field is of utmost importance as it allows you to quickly return to the game, even after adverse weather conditions.

Footing materials: Sand mix and grass

We use two materials that cater to different preferences and requirements. A sand mix used for footing is designed for consistency and player safety. It provides an even playing surface with excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injury during tackles and falls.

Natural grass fields offer a classic football experience. They provide a lush, green playing surface that feels comfortable underfoot. Our expertise in natural grass installation ensures that the field remains durable and resilient, even in the face of intense gameplay.

American Football on the Field

We can also irrigate the football fields

Our expertise in football field construction extends to efficient irrigation systems that keep the playing surface in top condition.

Let’s get ready to win games on your elite football field construction!

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