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New Arena - For a complete site evaluation and presentation of design concepts (with any needed sketches), including site/stormwater drainage flows, arena pad and base preparation plans with slope and grade and aggregate specifications, fencing/retainer board treatments, retainer board backfill specifications. Package price: ** does not include mileage and travel expenses. In most cases, consultations can be done virtually. $1,500 (Which will be applied towards the cost of your build should you use our services)

Remediation - Varies by site and existing issues. Prices range from $900-$1500 (Which will be applied towards the cost of your build should you use our services)

For assistance in problem-solving individual issues Consulting by Dickie Osborne $210/hour (1-hour minimum)
Testing and Design (and remediation design) by Michael DePew

There are two basic price structures for footing testing/design work:

  • Level 1 is to look at existing arenas for evaluation and recommendations for remediation.  It includes the testing and evaluation of the arena footing material and general recommendations.  It does not include reviewing or evaluating any additional materials/gradations of local materials.  The cost for this level of service is $600.
  • Level 2 is for the complete design of new arena footings or for the remediation design of existing arenas. It includes all necessary testing, evaluation of local gradation data, testing of appropriate locally available materials, determination of footing blend design, and follow-up QC after construction completion (and redress of any needed adjustments). The cost of this level of service is $1,500.

*If you purchase Level 1 service and then later upgrade to Level 2 service, the cost of the Level 1 service is applied to Level 2. In other words, Level 1 is $600, but if you find out you really would like Level 2, it will be an additional charge of $900 for a total of $1,500.

Consulting Services Fee

  • Footing-Consulting by Michael DePew $210/hour (1-hr minimum)
  • Site Visit daily rate, $1,200/day plus expenses.

Payment Terms

For consultation services, payment is due at the time of service.

For design, testing, and consulting, a 50% down payment is due prior to or upon receipt of samples (or upon initiation of data review for new designs), with the remaining 50% due at delivery of recommendations.

Payment options: via Venmo for USA clients.  Via PayPal for international clients.


Our footing consults typically involve the blending of 2 or more sands or soils to create an inherently stable footing.  The same properties that make these footing materials stable also make them somewhat difficult to compact initially.  Also, it is critical that they be blended together in the appropriate ratios and homogenous.  We cannot take responsibility for the lack of proper equipment nor experience/expertise in blending and compacting these materials.  We do provide instruction/guidance, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the owner and the contractor to complete the project properly.  Of course, we do guarantee results on those builds that we have done through Precision Equestrian Arenas or our Alliance Members.

For More on How to Collect a Consistent, Composite Arena Footing Sample, Click Here

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